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Install AdCrafter and validate with your purchase email.

Enter your Amazon affiliate information.

Basic AdCrafter use.

Advanced AdCrafter Tips.


Application will not launch.

AdCrafter doesn’t collect product images.


 Install AdCrafter and validate with your purchase email.

Question:  What are the AdCrafter prerequisites?

Answer:  You will need to have the latest version of Oracle’s Java installed. Here is a video that shows how to check your Java version:

Check Java version:   Back to Index


  How to install or update Java:   Back to Index

  You can get the latest version of Java here:   Back to Index

Question:  How do I install IM Workbench applications?

Answer: Download the delivery file and save to a location you can find later. When the download finishes Open the zip file and choose Extract. Browse to your desktop, create a new folder and extract all the files to there.

If you would like a shortcut on your desktop right click the jar file and drag to your desktop. When you release a context menu will popup. Choose Create shortcut here.

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  How to Validate AdCrafter:   Back to Index

Question:  How to install my affiliate ID’s and API keys? Now you have your application installed you need to put in your affiliate ID(s).

Answer:  You can enter both you affiliate ID’s and API keys on the IM Workbench settings tab. Here is a video that walks through that process.

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Getting started with AdCrafter:    Back to Index

Now that you have AdCrafter installed and validates you are ready to start building your product templates.

The basic steps are:

      • Collect your products using the Browser Search tab
      • Use the Product List tab to review the product information and verify that your affiliate ID is correct and that the product description and alt tag say what you want them to.
      • Use the Edit Module tab to select the template you want to use, fill the template with the product info you just collected and, If you are using the built in templates, make any formatting changes you want.
      • Then click the Copy Code button and paste your product template into your page or post.

Here is a short video that walks through this process.

Basic AdCrafter use:  Back to Index


Advanced AdCrafter Tips.:    Back to Index

Here are some advanced AdCrafter functionality tips that might help you.


Create a custom AdCrafter text template: Back to Index
  • Launch AdCrafter and collect some products to use as place holders.
  • Click on the Edit Module template.
  • Choose the built-in template layout you want to use as a starting point for your custom template. (and the products will populate)
  • Style the template the way you want with the built in formatting controls.
  • Switch to the Product List tab and use the Clear button to delete all the products.
  • Switch to the Edit Module tab, click the Copy Code button and paste the output html into a text file.
  • Edit the html to add your custom formatting.
  • Save the template text file into your AdCrafter\templates folder.
  • The next time you launch AdCrafter you will see your custom template in the Text Templates drop-down.

Here is a short video that walks through this process.

Create a custom template:  Back to Index



  Application opens and immediately closes:    Back to Index

If AdCrafter opens and immediately closes there is a mismatch between AdCrafter and the version of Java on your PC.

You can can download the current version of AdCrafter here, download the current version of Java here and then use the How to install or update your Java video above to update your Java.


Java exception errors:   Back to Index

If you are getting Java exception errors when you try to launch AdCrafter.

1.) Check to be sure you’re not trying to launch the app from in side the zip file.

Check to be sure you re not running AdCrafter from the zip file:

2.) Check to be sure you didn’t drag the jar file out of the AdCrafter folder when you wanted to create a shortcut on your desktop.

3.) Confirm that you have the latest version of java installed and there are no older versions still installed.

Application will not launch but there are no errors:   Back to Index

If AdCrafter won’t launch and you’re not getting any errors the first thing to check is if your Java install is corrupt. The way to do that is to uninstall and re-install Java. The instructions to do this are here.

If your java install is good then the next thing to check is if you’ve got a third party zip utility installed. The zip utility that most commonly causes this issue is WinRAR.

When you install WinRAR it associates the jar file extension with its self by default. That means WinRAR will open the jar file as an compressed archive when you double click the jar to launch your app. 

The fix for that is to use the exe wrapped AdCrafter to launch your tool. To do that you need to rename the AdCrafter.exet to AdCrafter.exe. Then use the AdCrafter.exe version to launch the app. This will by pass the file association and launch the jar directly.

How to make AdCrafter launch if you’ve got WinRAR installed:

The link below has the current exet file:

AdCrafter exet download:


AdCrafter doesn’t collect product images:   Back to Index

If you’re collecting products and you start seeing a message that says product added with image missing that means you need to add your Amazon API keys in the AdCrafter settings drop down and use those API keys to collect product data. 

Here is an explanation: 

The reason some products images work and some do not is the way amazon formats their new(er) product detail pages. When we first coded AdCrafter we setup the Select Products tab to read the product detail source code and pull out the product ASIN number, product description and product image url and add that data to the product list tab.

Everything worked good, for a couple of months. Then we started getting emails about customers not being able to collect all of the product data. When we looked at the products that weren’t working we found that amazon had changed the layout of the product data in the source code of the product detail page so our algorithm couldn’t find all the data.

So we re-coded and got everyone working again, for a couple of months. Then we started getting emails about problems with images again.

That is when we decided to implement the Amazon API keys in AC. Those keys allow the app to make a direct connection to the amazon product database and pull back all the product info using just the ASIN number. That has solved everyone’s product data collection issues to date.

Luckily the fix is easy and free. Just log into your affiliate dashboard.

and apply for your api keys. Then take them to the Product Advertising API Scratchpad

and test them.

When you’ve confirmed that they work correctly add them to your AdCrafter settings and the app will use those api keys anytime you collect products from that amazon server.

Using your API keys will become even more important as Amazon continues to update the html layout on their product detail pages.