AdCrafter v2.0.1 Change log

Here are the changes in v2.0.1 (including some catch up for v2.0)

Settings > General tab:

Added Auto Return check box so the user can choose to have an automatic back button click when they click the Add button.

Added Browser Tabs Enabled check box so user can choose whether they want the multiple browser tabs to show or not.

Added a context sensitive help button to the Generat setting tag. This help covers everything on all the associated tabs, except the Validation tab. 

Settings > Validation tab:

Added Enable Second License check box so user can choose if their second license can be used to validate.

Added Send Instructions text box and button so user can send their VA a download link and install instructions for AdCrafter.

Redesign how we input and store affiliate ID’s and API keys. Each ID and set of API keys are associated with a amazon server , That way when you select an ID it can automatically use the API keys for that server without having to select the API keys separately.

Settings > ID’s tab:

Updated the tab you enter your affiliate ID’s on. Added other servers and improved the management of affiliate ID’s.

Settings > API’s  tab:

Updated the tab you enter your API keys on. Added other servers and improved the management of API keys.

Validate tab:

Added a context sensitive help button that covers validating AdCrafter and how to request a trial of the app.

Added a Trial button.

Help tab:

Moved the About, AdCrafter FAQ, AdCrafter Manual and Request Support links to this tab. Plus a Rewards Points Feedback link.

Select Product tab:

Shortened up the Add and related buttons so they don’t cover up as much of the web page.

Updated the ‘product added’ notification so it shows the number of products but not the description of the product eash time one is added.

Product List tab:

Made the text boxes on the product panes ‘Auto Save’ so they save when you click out of the box after editing. 

Removed the Save All button and individual save buttons on the product panes.

Changed the save current session check box to a button so you can save products when ever you like. 

Added Load Previous Session button so you can load products when ever you want instead of having the saved products load when you launch the app.

Moved the Affiliate ID box to the main app menu bar so you can see which ID you have selected no matter what tab your are on.

Edit Module tab:

Changed the Select Templates button to read Text Templates so it’s a little clearer which type of templates the users are working with.

Changed the text and built-in templates buttons so you don’t see the built-in template formatting controls when you have a text template selected. And visa versa so you can’t use the Fill Template and Text Templates buttons when you have a built-in template selected.

Changed the built-in Template Styles to be stored as html so the saved custom templates will display more accurately. 


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