IM Workbench Update

Here is the download link for AdCrafter. There are install/validation and troubleshooting instructions below. If you have issues please contact me with this support page.


If you are updating from 2.x:

Just unzip, to a new folder on your desktop and then double click the AdCrafter_v2.1.1 jar. It will launch and pull in your affiliate information (if you already owned AdCrafter). 

If you are installing AdCrafter for the first time:

Check to  make sure you have the latest version of Java. This video shows how to do that.

Check Java Version:


 If you need to update your Java there are instructions here.

Install your new tool by unzipping the delivery file to your desktop.

If you want a shortcut on your desktop just right click the jar file, drag it to your desktop and select Create Shortcut Here from the menu that pops up when you release the mouse button.

Here is a video that walks through the install process

Install AdCrafter:

  What if AdCrafter doesn’t launch?

There are a couple of things that can cause this issue and I’ve documented the details on our FAQ page.