AdCrafter v1.5.2 Update

With v1.5.1 we introduced a SquidCrafter update notification feature, which is why the green Update To: appears on your menu bar now. That update notice is hyperlinked to a download page where the latest version of SquidCrafter is avaliable. Or you can get it below.

We have just uploaded SquidCrafter v1.5.2 This release updates the built-in and standard text templates to render properly on SirGo and we’ve also updated the Content drop down to be template aware.

Which means that the Intro and Product input text boxes only show up when the template you have selected will accept their input.

You can get the new version here.

If you have issues installing SquidCrafter here is the FAQ.

Here are the additions for v1.5.1:

Edit Module tab:

  • Added built-in templates that provide nine layout options, six template style options that center around inset and outset drop shadows and multiple formatting options for text, border and drop shadow.
  • A Content entry drop down so you can paste in your content and it will be inserted into the html. This works with both the built-in templates and the standard text templates.
  • Added some controls to the copy code bar so you can open fully, close fully and open to your last saved position where you are working with the html code.
  • Colorized and styled the html code in the code window so you can easily see all the html tags and content text.
  • Fixed the double click to select replaceable tags in the html.

SquidCrafter Base:

  • Moved all right margin tools, Validate, Affiliate Info and News to aMenu drop down on the main tool bar to increase usable space in main application window.
  • We have added FAQ, Get Help, Request Support and Submit Feedback links to the SquidCrafter Help menu. Those links open pages on our website that are updated with the most current information.
  • We added a version alert to the main menu bar. Each time SquidCrafter starts it checks it’s internal version against the validation database and displays a clickable alert if a newer version is available.
  • Optimized the base SquidCrafter code for a smaller download and a more nimble application.

Product List tab:

  • Added the ability to use comma separated ASIN lists to collect multiple products using API keys.
  • Add the ability to rearrange product order by dragging and dropping.


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